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21.6.2013 | Grafik operates as DZS Grafik, d.o.o

We would like to inform you that on 21 June 2013 a contract has been signed with which Papir servis d.o.o, Ljubljana, Pod Ježami 3, Ljubljana, has sold the operation of Branch Grafik, Brnčičeva 31, 1231 Ljubljana, to the company DZS GRAFIK, d.o.o., Ulica Jožeta Jame 12, 1210 Ljubljana – Šentvid.
By purchasing Branch Grafik, DZS GRAFIK d.o.o. from 1 July 2013 takes over all commercial contracts of Branch Grafik. From the above date on it takes over representation, marketing and sales of products, software, services, and maintenance activities of all suppliers which have until now been represented by Branch Grafik. It also takes over the Branch Grafik team which can be reached at the same telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, and is looking forward to continued business co-operation with you.

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